Floating homes for housing in Canada

With most major cities in Canada located with access to large bodies of water floating housing could be the answer. Toronto real estate has plenty of room to grow with Toronto Harbour or the various spots along the waterfront. Will we ever see more Toronto floating homes besides the ones in Bluffers Park. Other cities throughout […]

Future homes

The future design of cities is the topic of a new book from the chair of Livable Environments and UBC professor Patrick Condon. Design ideas for the future include small housing because there are estimates that 80 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities within 40 years. Mr Condon has spent over […]

Shipping container home

House and condo affordability issues in Canada have resulted in people looking for different methods to build housing more cheaply. The biggest worldwide trend has been to use and convert shipping container to affordable accommodations. In Canada, some work needs to be done to overcome lie the process of turning used and new shipping containers […]